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Digital Keystone and Babel Systems Form Strategic Alliance

London, 15th January 2014:

Digital Keystone (DK), a leading provider of technology and services to the Wealth Management and Investment Platform markets has today announced a strategic partnership with Babel Systems Limited (Babel) to integrate its Adaptive Portal technology with the Babel securities processing system for D2C propositions, stockbrokers, hedge funds & other financial institutions. The Babel securities processing system covers order routing and execution, trade settlement, custody processing and automated corporate actions. It is a flexible system that fully exploits the latest available technology and utilises the latest industry standards. The Babel system has been developed with a leading securities outsourcing company who have around 12 clients using the system.

Digital Keystones Adaptive Portal allows financial services companies to create user-centric portals for both B2B and D2C propositions. The Portal provides modern intuitive presentation layers for complex underlying systems as well as being the ideal platform for delivering third party content and marketing initiatives. Built using the latest web technologies its cross browser and cross device compatible reducing the need to develop multiple native apps for the ever increasing number of devices out there. Founder and CEO of DK, Graeme Gets commented, “The Babel system is the first new solution in this market for at least a decade, and the first developed in modern technologies. This strategic partnership will enable DK and Babel to offer an unrivalled solution to the Wealth market, its a very exciting time for both our companies.

Founder and CEO of Babel Systems, Steve Wise said, We are very pleased to have found in Digital Keystone an ideal combination of flexibility and reactiveness to help us create a world class front to back solution for the wealth management and D2C propositions emerging in this dynamic market.

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