Genstar4 Traders

Genstar4 Traders is a suite of industry certified modules to support the capture and management of electricity trades and contracts and their notification to the Central Market (Elexon). It also supports the settlement process allowing a reconciliation of Central Market data with system calculated data. Genstar4 Traders is available as an on-premise or fully hosted solution. Also visit our Genstar4 Dispatch page to understand how Genstar4 can support asset operation, scheduling and dispatch.


Genstar4 Administrator

Administrator provides system management and user access functions for the suite.

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Genstar4 Trade Manager

Trade Manager supports the capture and confirmation of physical or hypothetical trades within a multi-market and commodity environment.

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Genstar4 Transaction Notifier

Transaction Notifier supports Contract Volume Notifications to and processing of forward contract reports from Elexon.

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Genstar4 Settlements

Settlements covers the settlement of the payments and charges levied by the Central Market and receipt of SAA files.

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