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Genstar4 Administrator

The Administrator Manager provides common system management functions for the product suite, including the configuration of data required to set-up the system, and the provision of common facilities applicable to all modules (e.g. alarm messaging, function access permissions). The module supports the following activities:

  • Setting system security.
  • Recording data required to set up the system.
  • Monitoring the audit trail and file tracking.
  • General housekeeping functions.

Key functional areas include

  • Setting security and system access by an authorised System Administrator who will maintain user access, passwords and allocation of functionality to classes of user for all Genstar4 modules. Access permission to generating unit data is also configurable by user-class.
  • Audit trails to provide accurate records of any user action which could be material to the business, plus full tracking of electronic data transfer between Genstar4 modules and the Market Operator, System Operator or Power Exchange.
  • Setting system alarms to alert the user to critical events associated with each module (e.g. missing data required for imminent market gate closure).
  • Recording any data registered with the Central Market which is required by the system, e.g. participant IDs.
  • Recording calendars of public holidays and summer/winter time differences.
  • Monitoring the Batch processor schedule and the log of all activities.
  • Maintaining system configuration settings (e.g. input and output file paths).
  • Setting display preferences (e.g. line colours for the Asset Monitor module display.

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