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Genstar4 Decision Support

The Decision Support Manager provides participants with access to historical market data to support decision making. It allows users to compare the bidding behaviour of other market participants, to follow trends in system prices and to identify how to benefit from opportunities in the Balancing Mechanism (BM).

The Market Reporter module collects data from the ‘High-Grade’ Balancing Mechanism Reporting Service and downloads it to the user’s database. Using the Decision Support Module extends this to include competitor data for data analysis. The module provides all the facilities available in Market Reporter, but also supplies BM data for all BSC Parties and BM Units which are registered with the Central Registration Agent.

In summary, the Decision Support Module provides user-configurable access to trading and operational data for all market participants. It also collates key data items in a series of comparative tables and graphs to enable quick analysis of bidding behaviour, results, system prices and the underlying dynamic data of the delivering assets.

The Decision Support module supports the following activities:

  • Viewing BM Units vs. Settlement Periods. Displaying when each BM Unit has had a Bid Offer Acceptance (BOA).
  • Viewing Settlement Period/BM Unit combination to display Bid/Offer and BOA volumes and prices.
  • Bid stacks displaying all Bids and Offers relating to the period.
  • BOA stack displaying all acceptances for a selected period.
  • Matrix subset functionality, displaying all the acceptances over the period for an individual BM Unit.

Bid Offer Matrix

This function focuses on the success of Balancing Mechanism trades, providing the user with different views of the Bid Offer Acceptances and the data underpinning the bids. Participants can view all Bid/Offers (BOs) and BOAs, within a specified settlement date range, for any BSC Parties and BM Units which are registered with the Central Registration Agent.

The user can view when Bid/Offer Acceptances (BOAs) occurred, together with the underlying data, for the defined BM Unit Sets bids. The colour-coded BOA indicators are displayed at the Settlement period level for a selected date range in the form of a matrix, so the user can quickly monitor the timing and identity of successful bids.

  • Bid Offer Acceptance Matrix – displays a matrix showing BOA data per BSC Party and BM Unit Set (user configurable grouping – see below) over a date range.
  • View BO data – shows the underlying BO data (BO number, spot point/time, spot level, bid/offer price).
  • View BOA data – shows the underlying BOA data (acceptance number, BO number, bid/offer volume, spot point time, acceptance type, spot level, acceptance time).
  • View BM Unit parameters – displays all unit parameters, including ramp rates and elbow points, for the BOA.
  • BOA Stack – displays a stack of all BOAs for a selected BM Unit, together with BO data, dynamic data and BOA data.
  • BM Unit matrix – displays a matrix of available data for a BM unit with drill-down to the BO data, BOA data and dynamic data for all settlement periods over a selected date range.
  • Bid Offer stack – displays a stack of all the Bids and Offers relating to a settlement period.
  • BM Unit output – shows FPN, MEL and BOA levels over a selected data range.

BM Unit Sets

This function enables the user to set up groups of BM Units with distinct group names so that the data displayed in other functions can be filtered according to the defined BM Unit sets.

Grouped data enables analysis based on the relationship between the BM Units within a group. For example, data can be displayed according to transmission zones, or according to fuel type used by the BM Units.

The groups can be modified to add or remove BM Units, as required.

Genstar4 also provides full support for dispatching power stations via EDT.

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