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Genstar4 Energy Bidder

In deregulated markets, market participants with physical assets can offer to adjust their intended schedule by submitting priced bids of increased generation/decreased demand or decreased generation/increased demand to the System Operator (SO) to assist with balancing the network. The format of bids and timing of submissions vary in different markets but the practice of providing balancing flexibility to the SO is an opportunity to generate additional revenue.

The Energy Bidder module supports the bidding activity for each market gate closure. Where the Energy Bidder module is used as part of the genesisplus product suite, accepted bid volumes will automatically:

  • adjust the target schedule in the Asset Monitor module which monitors unit performance in real time, and
  • be included in the shadow market settlement payment calculations of the Settlements module.

The Energy Bidder module supports the following activities:

  • Compiling and submitting balancing bids.
  • Tracking the results of bidding.

Compiling and submitting balancing bids

  • Price/volume bids can be quickly compiled using formatted templates displaying the energy available to bid. Options for bid compilation include: cloning a previous bid, selecting from a Bid Library, importing via a .CSV file (this process can be automated) or entering the data manually.
  • Validation of entered data is performed according to the market submission validation rules, ensuring that data is not rejected through non-compliance.
  • Submission of bids to the System Operator (or Market Operator) is managed according to the market communication mechanisms. The submission and validation status is tracked and the user is alerted to rejected submissions.

Tracking the results of bidding

  • Acceptances (and rejections) of bids for each bidding period are tracked enabling the user to check the target instruction for each acceptance. The variation in output or demand resulting from the accepted bid is reflected in the target level displayed in the Asset Monitor module, and this is fully accounted for when calculating payments in the Settlements module.
    • Reports enable the user to assess the impact of accepted bids in terms of the prevailing market prices, and include:
    • Unit imbalance report comparing the actual (metered) and target position.
    • Portfolio imbalance report displaying total output volume, contracted volume and energy imbalance volume for each participant portfolio account against market prices.
    • Market Data report showing the accepted bid volumes recorded by genesisplus for each period displayed alongside the market prices.
    • Report of accepted bids with associated target volumes and delivery times.

Bidding template options for compiling volume/price bid ladders:

Genstar4 also provides full support for dispatching power stations via EDT.
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