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Genstar4 Transaction Notifier

The Genstar4 Transaction Notifier and Meter Volume Reallocation (MVR) Notifier modules cover the mandatory requirements for supplying bilateral contract volumes and meter volume reallocations to the central market Energy Contract Volume Aggregation Agent (ECVAA).

Individual Energy Contract Volume (ECV) trades (deals) can be manually entered or imported from a third-party energy trading system. A standard CSV file format is supported for importing trade details.

The Position Monitor module provides assurance that the notified contract position is consistent with that held by the central market.

Genstar4 Transaction and MVR Notifier modules

The Transaction Notifier module supports the production of Energy Contract Volume Notifications (ECVNs) and displays the various ECVAA daily reports. The key functional areas are:

  • Compilation of Energy Contract Volume Notification Agent Authorisations (ECVNAAs) and their submission to the central market agent (ECVAA) in the Transaction Notifier module. Equivalent functionality for Metered Volume Reallocation Notification Agent Authorisations (MVRNAAs) is located in the MVRN module;
  • Automatic upload of the ECVNAA-Key or MVRNAA-Key from the Central Agent’s response, where the system Party is the Notification Agent. Subsequent Key-Change Requests or Termination of the Authorisation can be submitted and the system updated with the Central Agent’s response;
  • Maintenance of ‘Contract Groups’ for net ECV notification, the assignment of ECVNAA Id, and setting the ECVN-Reference (fixed for Overwrite, prefix for Additive). Individual contract volumes are allocated into these groups for net notification;
  • Compilation and notification of Energy Contract Volumes (ECVNs) to the ECVAA. Both ‘Additive’ and ‘Overwrite’ notification methods are supported for the Net volume of a Group/ECVN Reference. Gross contract notification can be effected by specifying a Group/Reference per contract. Where the system Party notifies the trade, the submission can be set to occur manually under user control, or automatically on contract data change. Where the Counterparty notifies, the recorded contract details can be deemed to have been notified already. The number of days-ahead to notify can be configured by the user.
  • Contract volumetric profiles can be entered manually or loaded from CSV file, which can either be selected manually or auto-loaded from a monitored folder. Contract shapes can also be saved to and retrieved from a profile library. Contract volume data can be exported into a CSV file.

Similar compilation functionality is provided for MVRNs through the Meter Volume Reallocation Notifier module, assigning fixed volume and percentage allocation for BMUs.

Recording and tracking disputes over contract volume notifications. A comprehensive set of reports and graphs is provided covering the following areas:

  • Contract volumes and the status of notifications, net Counterparty and Energy Account graphs;
  • Tracking log of the contract volume notifications;
  • Display of daily reports from the ECVAA of authorisations, contract volume and meter reallocation notifications, rejected notifications, credit limit warnings and the current indebtedness level;
  • Display of ECV and MVR Notification Acceptance and Forward Contract reports from the ECVAA of notifications for within day and for the next seven days respectively.

Genstar4 Position Monitor

The Position Monitor module is an extension of the Transaction Notifier module. Position Monitor provides checking and visualisation of the notified position recorded in Genstar4 with that reported by the ECVAA, and identifies any discrepancies.

  • Each Forward Contract report (ECVAA-I022) is compared to the notifications known within the Transaction Notifier module, and discrepancies are notified to the user in a set of Forward Contract Report (FCR) screens. (The GTMA requires that the FCR report is the basis for notification disputes);
  • An equivalent set of Position Monitor (PM) screens show the same information for the most up-to-date picture of the central-market position by updating the last Forward Contract Report data with any subsequent Acceptance Feedback reports (ECVAA-I028);
  • Both FCR and PM comparisons are displayed in two formats: a set of hierarchical screens which allow the user to drill down from overall daily totals to individual notifications and periods, and a matrix style layout which displays all notification periods in an overall grid.
  • A template Rejection Notice (as a MS Word document) conforming with the Grid Trade Master Agreement can be called up for notifications which do not reconcile, to facilitate the dispute process.

Forward Contract Report Checking: summary status report (in background) and drilldown analysis report display (foreground)

Forward Contract Report Checking: report analysis matrix display

Genstar4 ECVAA interface

The interface to the ECVAA and other Elexon agents is provided by a common central-market agent interface, which handles the file exchange format protocols: Sequencing and checksum validation, file format validation, interaction with the third-party ‘Xsec’ encryption-decryption package, and the production and receipt of acknowledgements.

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