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Genstar4 Fuel Manager

The Genstar4 Fuel Manager module determines the fuel requirements to cover the combined scheduled output of generation units. The nomination of fuel quantities required for delivery is supported, together with revision of nominations to reflect actual usage.

The Fuel Manager module supports the following activities:

  • Calculating fuel requirements
  • Nominating fuel requirements to fuel suppliers
  • Validating fuel usage against forecast and contracted volumes

Record fuel types

The fuel types used, source of fuel and current prices are maintained by the user. The cost of fuel is used in the calculation of the operational costs which provide support to determine the optimal operating regime.

Monitoring actual fuel usage against interval nominated volumes throughout the day, with the daily total validation against the contracted volume

Forecast fuel requirements and nominate to suppliers

Forecast gas requirements are calculated from the station availability using the aggregated unit availability determined by the Power Scheduler module. The calculation employs an efficiency matrix, maintained by the user, for the conversion of electrical output to gas equivalent quantities. Nominations of forecast usage are formatted for submission to the fuel supplier(s) and/or gas pipeline operators, as required. Fuel requirements can be re-nominated for changes to station availability levels, up to the re-nomination deadline.

Monitor actual gas usage against nominated volumes

Throughout the schedule day, the forecast fuel quantities are compared with actual usage to enable re-nomination of fuel requirements. The actual fuel usage is updated for each trading interval from the imported Control System data. Alarms will alert the user to deviations from the forecast level.

Validate daily gas usage against contracted volumes

The total daily fuel usage and forecast quantity is validated against the contracted volume. Alarms will alert the user to deviations from the contracted level.

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