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Genstar4 Asset Monitor

Monitoring performance in real-time is critical when deviations from an agreed schedule result in imbalance penalties being levied. Genstar4 provides a clear graphical representation of output or consumption against target schedule and contractual commitments, with warnings of imbalances

The Asset Monitor module supports the following activities:

  • Monitoring generating unit performance in real time.
  • Assessing performance at the aggregated level.
  • Reporting on imbalances.

Monitoring unit performance in real time

  • Performance is monitored at the generation unit level, i.e. the point of commercial dispatch or metered consumption. A graphical display, which can be updated every second, shows the real-time metered output against the target level taken from the physical position agreed with the System Operator (SO). The target level is adjusted for instructed deviations (e.g. accepted Balancing Market bids or instructions given by an EMC). The actual metered level derives from the operational metering system, with warnings provided to alert the user to link failures.
  • Production and consumption units are separately monitored, though generating station load can simply be accommodated as an adjustment to the target level of a production unit.
  • Monitoring performance is essential for checking that metered performance meets target levels. Deviation from target displays graphically as energy imbalance MW volumes, with user-defined alarms for deviation from target.
  • Tolerance lines can be added above and below the target line, with different settings for flat load and during ramping.
  • The graph can be set to display labels at load-change points on the target line and show the time/MW values. The labels can be displayed permanently, or just when the cursor is placed in the vicinity of a specific change point.
  • The monitoring graph can be configured to display additional information, e.g. maximum unit export level, accepted bid levels, stable export level.
  • The display can be configured to show an information panel with current and cumulative integrated half-hourly imbalance figures, the reactive energy target plus actual output, and the Ancillary Service frequency response code/ID.
  • The current system frequency can also be plotted against the recorded grid Target Frequency.

Assessing performance at the aggregated level

  • The unit metered and target performance is aggregated for comparative display at the higher commercially or geographically viable level. For a generator, this would represent the station level displaying total aggregated values and station load for production and consumption units, together with the energy imbalance volumes, resulting from differences between target and actual totals. For a retailer participating in demand-response programs or a large industrial user with flexible demand, this would correspond to a plant or regional aggregation of loads, or aggregation in relation to specific customer profiles or process units.
  • Performance can also be monitored at the portfolio level showing the overall imbalance position. The real-time graph displays the volume contracted for each portfolio Account against the aggregated target and metered values, together with the imbalance position (difference between metered and contracted volumes) and the calculated energy imbalance per Settlement period for the portfolio Account.

Reporting on imbalances

  • Asset Monitor imbalance reports provide details at Settlement period and daily intervals for selected dates. The unit reports show target, actual and imbalance levels, and the portfolio Account reports show contracted, actual and imbalance levels.
  • A Dispatch Schedule report displays the unit dispatch events (scheduled physical position, target and maximum export levels) for a selected time period.

Genstar4 also provides full support for dispatching power stations via EDT.

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