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Genstar4 Settlements

The Settlements module covers the settlement of the payments and charges levied by the Central Market. Calculation of imbalance settlement starts from the checking of meter readings followed by calculation of settlement payments relating to imbalances incurred where contracted output differs from actual generation. Thus, the settlement position can be actively monitored.

The following key functional areas are covered within this application:

Imbalance settlement

  • Importing local revenue meter readings, where available, and checking meter data reports from the Central Market Meter Operator. Comparing local and reported meter readings provides a first level check that the data used in the Settlement calculations is correct. Local regular interval revenue meter readings are automatically loaded then aggregated according to the meter aggregation rules supplied to the Central Market Meter Operator on registration (Balancing Circle Aggregation). The Meter Operator reports of raw and aggregated meter readings are automatically loaded into the Settlements module and checked against the system-held values, resulting in a discrepancy report for differences breaching user-set tolerance levels. Meter readings can be adjusted for specific loss factors.
  • Importing Meter Operator reports on estimated data (for meter readings that cannot be collected) and meter reading exceptions (on missing or invalid data).
  • Importing Settlement reports from National Grid and checking report values against system held values. The Settlement reports are automatically imported and displayed on a period and daily basis at the unit, market participant and portfolio level. Checking of Settlement report data against system-calculated values is performed automatically and a discrepancy report produced. Rechecking can be initiated manually at any time.
  • Setting checking tolerance levels for checking both raw meter readings and Settlement payment values so the user is only notified of discrepancies which breach set tolerance levels.
  • Recording and tracking disputes over Settlement results with the Central Market using formatted dispute templates for rapid capture of details.

Enhanced Settlement Payment Checking

As an enhancement to the Genstar4 Settlements module, additional functionality is provided to enable the user to investigate difference between the system calculated settlement charges and those reported on for invoicing in the Settlement reports received from the Settlement Administration Agent (SAA). This functionality is provided as a series of nested screens allowing the user to drilldown to settlement period and BM Unit level details.

Settlement Calendar

The SAA Calendar and the Post Final Settlement Run Calendar can be imported into the Genstar4 database as .csv files.

Settlement Invoice Summary

For a selected settlement payment date, a comparison is made between the system calculated and SAA reported total charges, and the difference reported. This comparison is made for each settlement run and for all the days contributing to the invoice. The Invoice Charge is also reported on as the difference between the current and previous SAA run totals for reconciliation runs.

Check Report Day Summary

For any BSC Party, settlement day, run type and run number, the user can drill down to a summary of the underlying charge and volume data.

For each ‘Aggregate Party Day Charge’ (e.g. BM Unit Cashflow, Energy Imbalance Cashflow) the difference (% and absolute value) between the system calculated and Settlement reported values is reported on. This comparison is also provided for the ‘Account Data’ for Production and/or Consumption Accounts (configurable display) included in the Party charges.

Check Report Settlement Period Charge

For each settlement day selected in the Check Report Day Summary screen, a comparison is made, for each settlement period, of the system calculated and SAA reported values, plus difference, for each ‘Account Period Data’ item.

Check Report Period Detail

For each settlement day selected in the Check Report Day Summary screen, a comparison is made, for each settlement period, between the system calculated and SAA reported values (plus differences) for the ‘Aggregate Party Period Charges’ and ‘Account Period Data’ (Production and/or Consumption accounts). This information is displayed together with System Sell price and System Buy Price for the relevant period.

Check Report Period BOA Detail

For the Settlement period and BM Unit selected in the Check Report Period BM Unit Detail screen, a tabular and graphical comparison is made of the system recorded and SAA reported BOA points. The display is user-configurable. For more information or to arrange an Genstar4 product demonstration, contact Dunstan Thomas.

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