Technology solutions for electricity generation, trading and supply


Technology solutions for electricity generation, trading and supply

The UK electricity market provides challenges and opportunities for both existing participants and new entrants. The key opportunity for generators is to participate in the UK electricity Balancing Mechanism. Genstar4 is a flexible, end to end software solution supporting the trading, generating and retail activities of market participants.

Genstar4 is a flexible, modular solution covering trading and trade nomination, asset scheduling, asset dispatch, position monitoring, balancing bidding and settlements in the UK electricity market.

Genstar4 dispatches assets across the full spectrum of energy sources including thermal (gas, oil and coal) and renewables (onshore and offshore wind, hydro and pumped storage).

Genstar4 is delivered either on premise or as a hosted service with flexible cost models supporting traders, new entrants, IPPs and portfolio generators alike across the full energy mix.

Genstar4 provides decision support and powerful trend analysis for participants in the balancing bidding market (bids and offers).

Genstar4 supports electricity retail processes including meter data management, demand forecasting and cost & pricing calculations.

The Genstar4 Adaptive Portal provides powerful online dashboard intelligence for Genstar4 data and any software system within an IT landscape.

EnergyFlow delivers business process automation and data management to provide automation, reliability and auditability for manual processes or processes conducted externally to core IT systems.

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Genstar4 Enterprise is an end to end solution for participants in the electricity wholesale and retail markets covering asset scheduling, dispatch and management, balancing bidding, trading and risk management, trade nominations to the Central Market, decision support and supply processes from demand forecasting to quotation calculations.


Genstar4 Dispatch fully supports asset scheduling and dispatch via EDT including unit availability calculation and adjustment, physical position notification, balancing bidding and operational data submission to National Grid. EDL supports the exchange of information in near real time with National Grid for changes to operational plant dynamics, BOA instructions and ancillary service instructions. Graphical real time plant monitoring is supported with imbalance warnings and aggregated portfolio views.


Genstar4 Traders supports energy trading and risk management through EnergyOne Trading (EOT), nomination of bilateral contract volumes and meter volume reallocations to Elexon (ECVNAA and MVRNAA) together with full support for daily and forward contract reports and position monitoring. EOT provides covering the full ETRM process from deal capture through to contract, risk management and pricing.


Genstar4 Insight is an on premise or Microsoft Azure cloud service delivering powerful historical market data analysis and decision support for balancing bidding. Data is collected through the BMRS data push service and can be analysed and viewed through the Adaptive Portal which supports a wide range of visual representations from tabular through to graphical on a real time basis and supports drill downs to detail levels.


EnergyFlow is a business process automation platform for the energy industry. It supports the management and automation of operational processes often driven through multiple disparate systems, manual processes and spreadsheets. It acts as a central hub with full auditability and history tracking. Using visual process modelling and configurable calculations, EnergyFlow can quickly replace manual systems with a combination of workflows, data transformations and integration with other systems and flows.

Adaptive Portal

The Adaptive Portal is a highly configurable web based portal providing dashboard summary data and drill down detail across the Genstar4 product suite. As a web portal, the data can be displayed on both desktop and mobile devices providing a flexible and powerful management console. Multiple dashboard views can be created for different user profiles and it can also be easily integrated across 3rd party software systems to provide a single consolidated view of business information.


Genstar4 Retail is a suite of modules to support the electricity supply industry. Based on a flexible calculation engine, complex cost based pricing algorithms can easily be configured using interval data streams, static, tiered and time of use based charges alike. The meter data management module provides comprehensive support for meter data storage and manipulation together with configurable rule based demand forecasting to feed into the quotation and contract management modules.


Business process automation software.

Energyflow is a business process automation tool combining visual process modelling with powerful and user configurable calculations, integration and data transformation. Energyflow can easily automate time consuming manual or spreadsheet tasks.