Genstar4 Retail

Genstar4 provides software to help Energy Traders balance their portfolios and trade in the market, plant operators to notify their latest position and manage real time generation and allows parties to model retail or wholesale energy contract to ensure that they are meeting contractual requirements and sourcing their energy requirements in the most efficient manner.

The Genstar4 Retail suite of software modules

Genstar4 Quotation and Contract Manager

Contract Manager provides a flexible solution for calculating and managing complex energy sales/purchase agreements.

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Genstar4 Meter Data Manager

Meter Data Manager provides access to time based electricity volume metering through a flexible and highly configurable graphical display environment.

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Genstar4 Report Manager

The Report Manager gives access to a flexible and fully customisable report environment that include visual database tools and automated reporting.

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Genstar4 Forecast and Profile Manager

Forecasting and Profile Manager provides visual tools for accurate calculation of demand and price curve projection through the use of configurable forecasting tools.

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Genstar4 Trade Manager

Trade Manager supports the capture and confirmation of physical or hypothetical trades within a multi-market and commodity environment.

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Genstar4 Risk Manager

Risk Manager provides tools to evaluate the risks associated with the traded position in relation to the current market prices through the use of a highly flexible environment.

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