Imago makes the complex understandable with exceptional user experiences.

Financial Services

Imago software solutions are used to deliver savings and retirement products by platforms and providers. Imago is designed for the advised, group and non-advised markets.


Imago is a suite of fully integrated solutions that provide savings and retirement modelling tools, illustration and review systems, client portals, dashboards, and policy administration systems.

  • Enrich

    Imago enriches user engagement and experiences for consumers, advisers and providers alike"

  • Augments

    Imago augments, renews and refreshes legacy or new technology, delivering faster, lower risk solutions."

  • Differentiate

    Imago enables greater control to differentiate and to provide more choices.

  • Productivity

    Imago delivers greater efficiencies – to create more productive environments.

  • Lower costs

    Imago drives costs lower to enhance profitability.

Imago software for Financial Services

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Imago is used in three platform and provider markets. These are the non-advised, advised and the group markets.

Non-Advised Market

The Dunstan Thomas non-advised market software tools are designed to support providers...

Advised Market

Combining an aging demographic, consumers with changing financial behaviours and...

Group Market

Auto-enrolment and pensions freedoms has created a new price sensitive market for...

The imago customer journey

The Imago Customer Journey is a journey that customers, advisers and providers will experience using Imago. Imago is used widely in the market across from advised and non-advised where Imago Tools is deployed to interacting with users with Imago Portal and Imago Administration. Engaging with users with statements and illustrations is delivered through Imago Automation and Imago Illustrations.

The Imago product suite

Developed for product providers and platforms. Innovative technology solutions to meet the unique needs of the retirement and savings market

Developed for the highly competitive, fast changing, intensely regulated world faced by providers, Imago is a family of integrated technology solutions that delivers illustrations, modelling tools, client portals, administration systems and user engagement platforms.