Asset transition services

Helping advisers help clients to meet better outcomes

Dunstan Thomas powers technology that helps advisers migrate assets by providing a flexible, TCF and compliant process for identifying clients with old products suitable for upgrade, transfer or consolidation. 

Services for advisers

The service transforms adviser business by providing a unique end to end solution to enable the move away from transaction based sales to a complete wealth management service model with totally transparent remuneration derived from client fees and fund based income.

The service delivers a complete change management process with support tools and services that turn all of the daily obstacles into stepping stones to the new model for financial advice.

Asset transition services provide an industrial strength solution to successfully complete asset migration projects. The service enables the transfer of suitable clients’ assets onto a chosen platform solution more often, more efficiently and in a more compliant manner. This provides a secure, seamless, audit-able and cost effective process. The asset transition service delivers a controlled and time-bound asset transfer project from client selection all the way through to producing the suitability letter.

Asset transition services provide an ongoing client data import system to keep the asset migration programme running smoothly. Our highly experienced migration team organises monthly data ‘harvesting’ of old plan information and provides a legacy provider contact service collecting old plan values, transfer costs, projected values and other costs and charges that may affect the Reduction In Yield (RIY) of existing plans.

Asset transition services provide a fully unbundled and explicit charging information in a ‘like for like’, old for new manner. All of this is summarised in a series of clear comparative tables which shows whether the customer will be better off by moving specific assets and their portfolio as a whole onto the chosen paltform solution.