An interview with James Read who recently visited Uganda earlier on this year with father Chris Read

1 November 2018

Singing Gorilla Projects (SGP) funds and manages community based projects in remote parts of Uganda that improve the welfare of communities and enriches the lives of individuals. SGP builds and manages health facilities, builds schools and sponsors children to continue their schooling, and funds water delivery programs with water tanks, water filters and water pumping projects.

SGP work on the Nteko ridge and the surrounding hills in the Kisoro district of Uganda, a stone throw away from the DR Congo border, close by to Bwindi, the home of the last remaining majestic Mountain Gorilla.

Here is an interview with James Read who recently visited Uganda earlier on in the year with his father Christopher Read (CEO of Dunstan Thomas and founder of Singing Gorilla Projects).

What did you work on while you were in Uganda

Whilst out there I helped work on a 100m water pipeline project which, allowed us to pump water from the bottom of a valley to a water tank on the top. The main purpose of the pipeline is to provide the local people much better access to clean water. Specifically, I worked on filling up a reservoir for the pump to use and replacing the pipe with a four-inch pipe, which could withstand the pressure from the pump much better. This allowed the volume of water flowing through the pump to increase. After replacing the pipe, we were able to successfully pump water up to the tank on the top of the valley; this is very positive as this pipeline was the first for SGP, so the success and understanding we have gained from the construction of this pipeline means that we can execute many more similar pipelines in the future.

How does Singing Gorilla Project management contribute to the community

The SGP management aims to bring some sense of order to a region where it is quite chaotic, being so remote and close to the DRC border. The management includes local directors who oversee all the various SGP projects, which include health, education, community and creative projects. The local oversight mixed with Western values allows a best of both worlds of international aid mixed with self-help for the local community. There is also significant Western intervention to allow the directors an education to how they can lead and execute the projects which their respective departments are working on.

What other projects do Singing Gorilla have in the pipeline

As well as the water pipeline project SGP are currently working on many other projects, such as the construction of a classroom for St Christopher’s Nursery School. After the completion of the construction of the first classroom for the new school, which is the first nursery school in the area, SGP are constructing another which is near completion, allowing for the children of Nkuringo to have better education opportunities and prospects.

On the Health side, we are currently planning an expansion of the NGHH clinic which will allow the clinic to treat and see more patients, whilst having better facilities and equipment, allowing it to be more efficient and effective.

Due to the success of the first pipeline, SGP are also planning the construction of other pipelines across the region to allow more people to have better access to clean water all year around.

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