Books of business run by ageing legacy systems which are not geared to Pensions Freedom options or to level of transparency and lower charging regime increasingly demanded of them.

Risk of real reputational damage if don’t move fast to modernise systems.

Risk of loss of business and damage to the bottom-line as savvy customer walk and manual systems cannot be cost-effectively scaled adjusting to Automatic Enrolment-dominated DC pensions world where efficiency and low charges are a requirement for doing business


Imago Automation is a set of tools that are used to automate tasks such as new business onboarding, bulk report runs such as SMPI and other illustration batch runs. Imago Automation can use data in various formats to handle bulk processing such as delivering grouped illustrations

Imago Automation can be used to provide an intgegration layer between systems delivering a "light touch" integration methodology for providers looking to deliver integration between systems.

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