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Imago is a suite of products designed as solutions for the investment and at retirement markets. Imago delivers solutions for product providers, administrators, platforms and financial advisers.

Imago Front Office

Imago Front Office is a flexible and scalable solution for delivering illustrations and reporting solutions to meet the unique needs of product providers.

Imago Back Office

Imago Back Office is a policy administration platform that is highly configurable and automated that make it extensible and well suited for integration.

Imago Self Direct

Imago Self Direct is an easy to use web tool for consumers and advisers alike to help understand choices available in saving and planning for retirement.

Imago Auto-Engage

Imago Auto Engage enables providers and advisers to deliver personalised financial information direct to user’s mobile devices.

Imago Portal

Imago Portal provides highly configurable, scalable portal solutions with exceptional user experiences.

Imago Automation

Imago Automation is a set of tools that are used to automate tasks such as new business onboarding, bulk report runs such as SMPI and other illustration batch runs.

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