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Imago Auto-Engage; Financial Planning Software


Imago Auto-Engage; Pension Pot Calculation

Imago Auto Engage enables providers and advisers to deliver personalised financial information directly to clients. Once the information is delivered, Imago Auto Engage encourages the user model and interrogates the data in an engaging way to enable informed choices to be made.

  • Imago Auto Engage delivers information in a new engaging manner.
  • Imago Auto Engage has a responsive design, allowing users to use it on tablets, mobiles and other devices.
  • Imago Auto Engage encourages users to make better choices in their financial planning.

Once a user has registered to use Imago Auto Engage and has access to information on their own pension arrangements, they can:

  • Model their data to see what they have to do to better meet their objectives for retirement.
  • Understand the impact of the changes.
  • Interact and deliver instructions and messages to the provider or adviser.

Imago Auto Engage is deployed using the tried and tested Imago Front Office calculation engine, that is widely used throughout the market, providing illustrations across many product providers and platforms.

Products that Imago Auto Engage manages are configured with the Imago Front Office Administration Tool to provide charging and fee structures that meet the unique and personalised needs of product providers, platforms and advisers for the pensions and savings market.

Customer Story

Chris Read, Chief Executive, Dunstan Thomas:
"Disclosure of information to consumers using mobile technologies is certainly the way of the future. It is here today with Imago Auto Engage. Gone are the days where meaningless reams of paper reports end up on the doorstep of investors and pensioners alike. More often than not, these reports would have been thrown in the bin. Now with Imago Auto Engage, providers and advisers can interact with their consumer in a highly engaged, responsive way to ensure that consumers make the best choices so that the best outcomes can be delivered at retirement."

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