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Imago Front Office


Illustrations need to be bang up to date and accurate: reflecting the very latest tax rules, and charges that will be taken by multiple parties - administrator, provider, investment manager, inflation levels, asset-specific projection rates etc.

The range of illustrations required has grown significantly following Pensions Freedom: Pre-sales new business, post-sale new business, Top up/existing business, Review/existing business, annual projections, SMPI, existing business, Flexible Access Drawdown Illustrations, UFPLS illustrations.

Simplification required: With less adviser support the need to simplify illustrations is greater.

Reducing operational risk: Providers need to be able to deliver highly accurate illustrations which do not expose them to risk of miss-selling allegations, while meeting, often changing, statutory reporting obligations.


Imago Front Office is a flexible and scalable solution for delivering illustrations, disclosure and reporting solutions to meet the unique and personalised needs of product providers, platforms and advisers for the pensions and savings market.

Imago Front Office is an illustration system widely used throughout the market, providing illustrations across many product providers and platforms. Imago Front Office has drawn on the best of modern web designs, and our years of experience building illustration tools. The new design provides the user with an easy means of understanding illustrations at a glance. With a modular, single page design, it is even easier to re-style to better blend-in with your systems.

Customer Story

Bill Vasilieff, Chief Executive, Novia:
"Dunstan Thomas are great at illustrations and calculation engines. But it is their constant proactivity and consultancy approach which makes them really stand out for us. They give us early warning of changes that are coming down the pipe from the regulator and then provide an end-to-end change implementation service which avoids administrative problems which are proving costly to some of our competitors right now.

"Dunstan Thomas takes things right through to scripting of specific illustration sections and handling integrations with a complex web of other front and back office tools; while ensuring smooth data collection and reporting which helps us deliver fully compliant documentation for our users."

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