imago portal

Imago Portal; your Wealth Management Portal


Delivering personalised information in an engaging, high performance way to an administrator, adviser, fund manager or consumer.

Delivering this information in a format that reflects exactly what is needed by each party on any device of choice.

Presenting this information in such a way that it stimulates understanding, engagement, trust and loyalty.


  • Imago Portal provides highly configurable, scalable portal solutions with exceptional user experiences.
  • Imago Portal is a component based client portal, that provides flexibility and agility so that information and insight can be delivered in an engaging way to users.
  • Imago Portal is built to provide exceptional user experiences.
  • Imago Portal uses leading edge technologies to future proof IT investments.
  • Imago Portal keeps pace with the changing behaviours of users through delivery across devices.
  • Imago Portal API is able to integrate into any number of data sources to provide access that extends the life of systems.
  • Imago Portal has a responsive design allows users to use our Portal on tablets, mobiles and other devices.
Imago Portal; your Wealth Management Portal

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