Dunstan Thomas


On 29th March 2017, the UK government triggered Article 50 which began a process for the UK to leave the European Union (so-called “Brexit”).

There is considerable uncertainty as the UK and EU have not concluded negotiations on the nature of the trading relationship post-Brexit. Indeed, even the timing of Brexit is not certain as there is discussion on transitional arrangements and how long these may need to be in place.

Dunstan Thomas would like to assure clients that:

  • It will continue to conform to UK legal and regulatory requirements and where necessary EU ones as well;
  • There will be no increase in fees because of the implementation of tariffs between the EU and UK;
  • We have undertaken a review of our supply chain to mitigate the impact of any major changes following Brexit and explored possible changes needed to our policies and processes.
  • Steps have been taken to mitigate any potential risks concerning EU citizenship of any members of our staff.
  • As a company we are well versed with the demands of international trade, we have every confidence in the skill and expertise of our administrative staff to cope with any changes necessitated following Brexit.
  • We do not hold any proportion of our income and purchasing is in non-Sterling denominations.
  • Our client base is drawn primarily from a UK and South African market and as such we are shielded from supply chain challenges related to Brexit
  • We have established a working party comprising Board members and senior managers to monitor the Brexit negotiations and to form suitable contingency plans to prevent disruption to our business.

We will continue to monitor future developments and adjust our business accordingly but we believe we are well placed to meet the challenges of Brexit

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