Newsletter, February 2016

Singing Gorilla Projects facilitate and fund community based projects in a remote part of Uganda that improve the welfare of communities and enriches the lives of individuals.

Water filters
In February Chris Read from Singing Gorilla Projects visited Nkuringo and the surrounding areas to check up on the ongoing project works. The headline picture shows kids at the Ntungamo school in Nkuringo using one of the new water filters they now have, funded by the Rotary Club (Bognor Regis).

Easter visit by Evarist
Evarist will be coming to England over Easter in March. If anyone would like to say hello to him or have him present at a school or function, do drop me a line.

The Singing Gorilla Projects are:

1. Creative Projects
- The village, Nkuringo, has its own thriving music school with now over 60 students performing music and drama with the "Lets Play Music" project.
2. Community Projects - "Water Wealth Driving Health" project installs water tanks to capture rain water for drinking and washing, in a part of the world where there is no running water. Water filters are also installed to provide fresh, clean drinking water without having to boil it first.
3. Education Projects - supporting school development and infrastructure through child sponsorship. The "Light to Read" project, is a solar energy distribution project to help children study more effectively that also includes a computer laptop distribution programme.
4. Health Projects - our "Step Up to Health" project is building a community health clinic and funding the training of medics and nurses.

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If you would like to participate, help in any way, even to roll your sleeves up and come and join the fun, just drop me a line at

Our partner in Uganda who helps with financing, logistics, accommodation, guidance and support is the Nkuringo Walking Safari and the Nkuringo Gorilla Camp.

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About Nkuringo and its challenges

Nkuringo is a village and a group of associated settlements and hamlets in the Kisoro district of Uganda, a stone throw away from the DR Congo border, close by to the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, the home of the last remaining majestic Mountain Gorilla.

The water challenge
The key challenge of the area is the availability of water . Although it rains a lot in this part of Africa, they do have dry seasons as well. Locating sources of water is an everyday challenge. Here the ladies and kids are collecting water at the local water source just outside of Kisoro.

The population growth challenge
Nkuringo is in a sub-county called Nyabweishenya. The population of the area is 27,000. With an annual population growth of 3.2% per year, the population is expected to triple by 2050. This growth in the population will present significant challenges to Uganda. Whichever way you look at it, this is a really scary statistic on many fronts, from the provision of health services, education, to economic development and food production, not least the effect on the environment.
Project status during the February visit
Community Projects - Three tanks were installed as part of Water Wealth Driving Health  initiative in Nkuringo itself as well as in more remote areas of Nombe and Rubuguri.

The tanks are moved to location generally by a gang of men on foot, and then the footings are set for the tank. This comprises of a cleared area with a circular brick and concrete foundation. The setting has to be lower that the guttering for the roof, which captures the rain water and located with a slope to take the run off water.

The community around Nkuringo has over 30 water tanks to share over an extensive area. This is a real improvement on what they have had before, where children and woman had to trek many hours a day to collect water, often from unclean sources. Water Wealth Driving Health has been not only been transformational to the community, but is physically the most recognisable effect of the work that Singing Gorilla Projects undertake.

Water tanks are sponsored by companies and individuals. Some individuals will club together to fund a part of a tank. At £600 each, they are in my opinion pretty good value for money. This covers the costs of purchase, transport to the area, guttering, bricks, cement and installation.

In the picture above, Muhumuza Evarist is posing by a water tank sponsored by Janet Millar and family from Bognor Regis in the UK.

Water filters
For the first time, Singing Gorilla Projects has installed water filters to purify water. This means that water no longer needs to be boiled before drinking. This not only saves on energy but is good for the environment too. To boil water, a fire needs to be made with fire wood. The water filters are not only providing fresh water but also friendly to the environment.
Here the Music School students are trying out a water filter at half time during their game of football on the pitch at the "Top of the World".
Education Projects - Singing Gorilla Projects are supporting all the schools in Nkuringo. Special attention has been turned to Ntungamo School, the government school. Since the summer Singing Gorilla Projects has funded the completion of the accommodation block for the teachers. Now the teaching staff can be at school when it matters - when the kids are there!

The new kitchen being assembled ready for the start of term.

Singing Gorilla Projects are raising funds for the school by providing child sponsorship of £170 per year per child. This fee will provide for school uniforms, school lunches, shoes, text books, support for the teaching staff and much needed maintenance of the school facilities.

We are working with the Ntungamo School to build facilities to deliver lunch to the children. Today, the children go without lunch, unless they bring a packed lunch or walk home. In many cases the children have to walk several miles to get home for lunch. Often they don't return for school in the afternoon. 

Providing funds for a kitchen, a cook, and enough food for the school term is another step in developing the Ntungamo School.

During 2016, Singing Gorilla Projects are developing a Baby Class and a new latrines block as well.

Cup of Coffee Campaign

For less than a cup of coffee per day, sponsors will be able to support not only a child but also a school and community. Money raised under this campaign will go to help fund lunch for a term, a cook and cooking facilities.

If you would like to find out more about how to sponsor a child, drop me a line ... contact me or download the brochure and have a look ... download

Creative Projects, the Music School - The Music School continues to grow from strength to strength. With over 60 students, the Music School is open every day with morning and afternoon sessions of 2 classes each. Music and dance is taught across a number of instruments, all donated through Singing Gorilla Projects. If you have any old musical instruments that you are no longer using, do drop me a line and I will take them out to the Music School.

The Music School marching band practicing for the army day march later in February.
Health Projects - The Nkuringo Green Hill Hospital is starting to take shape. We have a board of directors and a committee to mobilise activities. We have a building, that is complete but needs a lot of work on it.

There is quite a lot of work that needs to be done. We are looking for support to refit the building, complete the interior and install plumbing and electrics (via solar) to the building. This support can come in the form of money or skilled labour. We are happy to work with both.

Here are some shots of inside the building. As you can see there is some way to go until the building is finished.


Forthcoming Events

Its all about fund raising for the Cup of Coffee campaign. If you would like to find out more about how to sponsor a child, drop me a line ... contact me or download the brochure and have a look at the kids ... download.

Keep your calendar open for the spring ball!

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How to help?
If you are interested in supporting Singing Gorilla Projects with donations or getting involved physically with helping out, drop me a line on

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