Newsletter, Summer 2016

Singing Gorilla Projects facilitate and fund community based projects in a remote part of Uganda that improve the welfare of communities and enriches the lives of individuals.

The Singing Gorilla Projects are:
1. Creative Projects
- The village, Nkuringo, has its own thriving music school with now over 60 students performing music and drama with the "Lets Play Music" project.
2. Community Projects - "Water Wealth Driving Health" project installs water tanks to capture rain water for drinking and washing, in a part of the world where there is no running water. Water filters are also installed to provide fresh, clean drinking water without having to boil it first.
3. Education Projects - supporting school development and infrastructure through child sponsorship. The "Light to Read" project, is a solar energy distribution project to help children study more effectively that also includes a computer laptop distribution programme.
4. Health Projects - our "Step Up to Health" project has built a community health clinic and funds the training of medics and nurses.

The May 2016 trip - Water tanks and water filters

In May Chris Read from Singing Gorilla Projects visited Nkuringo and the surrounding areas to check up on the ongoing project works. The headline picture shows men from the Batwa Pygmy community at Sanuriro receiving a three thousand litre water tank that will harvest rain water and provide water for a community. This water tank was donated with kind generosity of Carol and Colin Easton, who are great supporters of Singing Gorilla Projects and visited the Nkuringo area in February of this year

Easter visit by Evarist
Evarist, our projects coordinator visited us in the UK over Easter in March. As guest of honour, we held a successful fund raising event at the Ferry in Bursledon on the River Hamble, where previous trekkers with Evarist attended. A fun time was had by all. A big thank you to all who came to raise over £6,000.
Project status during the May visit
Community Projects - A number of  tanks were installed as part of Water Wealth Driving Health  initiative in the remote areas of Bicocora and Soma.
Whilst these areas are not too far from Nkuringo as the crow flies, the terrain in the area is extremely hilly and hard going. There are no roads for vehicle access. The water tanks have to be man handled from Nkuringo by a gang of men to the ultimate location. In the case of Soma, this was a four hour trek.

The community around Nkuringo has over 32 water tanks to share over an extensive area. This is a real improvement on what they have had before, where children and woman had to trek many hours a day to collect water, often from unclean sources. Water Wealth Driving Health has been not only been transformational to the community, but is physically the most recognisable effect of the work that Singing Gorilla Projects undertake.

Water tanks are sponsored by companies and individuals. Some individuals will club together to fund a part of a tank. At £600 each, they are in my opinion pretty good value for money. This covers the costs of purchase, transport to the area, guttering, bricks, cement and installation.

Sponsors of water tanks for this recent trip included:
- The Investment Network
- EFTAS and Pro Salus
- The Energy Network

A big thank you goes out to all the sponsors.

In the picture above,  Evarist is posing by a water tank sponsored by Carol and Colin Easton of Pro Salus and EFTAS.

Water filters
More community  water filters were distributed on this trip to the Hope School in Rubuguri as well as family sized filters to members of the HIV community.

Here the family filters are being used by the HIV community.
Supporting schools with water filters in Kampala
Singing Gorilla Projects not only supports the community in Nkuringo and the Kisoro District, but also supports schools elsewhere in Uganda. Kiyaaya School on the outskirts of Kampala is twinned with Portsmouth Grammar School and Singing Gorilla Projects as a Portsmouth based charity has created links between the schools.

Chris Read presenting the Community Water Filter to Charles Mubiro, headmaster of Kikaaya School, not far from Kampala.
Education Projects 
The Ntungamo School
 - Singing Gorilla Projects are supporting all the schools in Nkuringo. Special attention has been turned to Ntungamo School, the government school. Singing Gorilla Projects has funded the accommodation block for the teachers, a kitchen and dining facility, the latrines block (below) and the newly established baby class.

The provision of lunches for the children has had a transformational effect on not only academic results but also pupil numbers. With food being provided at lunch, the children no longer have to travel home (some over considerable distance) for lunch.

Singing Gorilla Projects has funded the development of the kitchen, supports the salary of the cooking staff and funds 25% of the posho (maize based carbohydrate) for the school. The parents are expected to fund the remaining costs and supply additional vegetables and beans additionally. The menu is supplemented by vegetables grown in the school garden that is looked after by the kids. 

Singing Gorilla Projects raises funds for the school by providing a sponsorship programme of £170 per year per child. This fee will provide for school uniforms, school lunches, shoes, text books, support for the teaching staff and much needed maintenance of the school facilities.

The children with their new school uniforms, and very smart they look too.


Cup of Coffee Campaign

For less than a cup of coffee per day, sponsors will be able to support not only a child but also a school and community. Money raised under this campaign will go to help fund lunch for a term, a cook and cooking facilities. If you would like to find out more about how to sponsor a child, drop me a line ... contact me or download the brochure and have a look ... download

Computing & Bright Future School - Last year Singing Gorilla Projects funded the development of a computer lab at the Bright Future School by supporting a solar power facility and five laptops. A further laptop and laser printer was delivered to the school. Today Bright Future has employed an IT teacher and shares the facility with Ntungamo School as well.

A future in IT - It is the vision of Singing Gorilla Projects to unique create centres of excellence in computing in Uganda, so that as the children go through their schooling and become adults they would have had experience in computing. It is our hope that one day the children will become budding IT savvy entrepreneurs to provide long lasting development and value to the region.
Health Projects - The Nkuringo Green Hill Hospital is nearly ready to start providing services. June and July will see the installation of  the solar power facility to power lighting, computing and a fridge. August will see the installation of plumbing to support sink facilities. A separate latrine and shower block shall be built in 2017.

The centre has a reception area, a dispensing area, a laboratory, two treatment rooms and an office.

Further developments for 2017 will be the construction of an admissions block to admit patients for overnight stays. It will have three wards for males, females and children respectively.

Maternity - Singing Gorilla Projects are now supporting the vocational training of Evelyn (who was supported by Singing Gorilla Projects at St. Gertrude's school) to become a mid-wife. at the medical centre in Kisoro.Once she is complete through the graining she will return to Nkuringo to provide maternity services at the centre.

Forthcoming Events

29th August Bank Holiday 2016 - fundraising walk on Tennyson Down on the Isle of Wight.

24th September 2016 - New Forest Wiggle Ride, a fundraising cycle ride through the lovely New Forest.

Date to be announced - Spinnaker Tower Abseil

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Our partner in Uganda who helps with financing, logistics, accommodation, guidance and support is the Nkuringo Walking Safari and the Nkuringo Gorilla Lodge.

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