The February Visit 2016

Singing Gorilla Projects was setup to develop community projects in Uganda.

The February trip touched on all elements of the Singing Gorilla Project programme, from the Music School to community projects, from education projects to health projects.

Music School

The Music School now has marching band. The school has been invited to perform by marching with the local army group in the forthcomming national holiday. The Music School has also appeared a number times on local radio talking about their work and creative performances. The school has been provided with new red and blue t-shirts that they use for performances around the region.



Community Projects

Water tanks

Three water tanks were installed, one close by Ntungamo School in Nkuringo, the other two in more remote locations. One of the water tanks have been sponsored by Janet Millar, a further water tank was sponsored by Irrigation Techniques of Emsworth in the UK.

Here is link to our Youtube TV station showing the celebrations of one of the villages receiving the water tank -

The picture on the left shows the children of Ntungamo with the water tank sponsored by Irrigation Techniques. The picture on the right is the water tank sponsored by Janet Millar and family. Janet lives in Bognor Regis, West Sussex in the UK. Muhumuza Evarist, the Singing Gorilla Projects coordinator, is standing close by.

Water Filters

We installed three Aquabox Aquafilters for the first time. The filters take unclean or dirty water and produces fresh drinking water by passing the water through a filtering process by using a hand pump. It is a process that is very easy to use, so that even the children can operate it. By using the water filters, the water no longer has to be boiled before drinking. This means that the community does not have to use up precious wood buring energy, thereby saving on the environmental imapct as well. These water filters were a great success, and we will look to deploy many more. At £200 each they are very affortdable and easy to transport.

The water filters were sponsored by the Bognor Regis Rotary Club in the UK.


Education Projects

Singing Gorilla Projects are supporting all the schools in Nkuringo. This time our attention has been turned to Ntungamo School, the government school. You may ask why fund a state school, surely the government should look after this. The reality on the ground is that the governments doesn't, and as a result is in a terrible state of repair.

Singing Gorilla Projects are looking to raise funds for the school by providing child sponsorship of £170 per year per child. This fee will provide for school uniforms, shoes, food, text books, support for the teaching staff and much needed maintenance of the school facilities. For less than a cup of coffee per day, sponsors will be able to support not only a child but also a school and community.

To start with there are 20 children who have been picked for sponsoship.If you would like to find out more about how to sponsor a child, drop me a line ... contact me
You can also download a PDF document that provides details of the children ... download

Singing Gorilla has funded the construction of a kitchen and provision of cooking equipment to provide lunches for the children. During the rest of 2016, Singing Gorilla Projects will be raising funds for the construction of a classroom for the baby group and also to construct a further block of latrines.


Health Care Projects

Work has started on the building to host the Step Up To Health clinic. The building is to be called the Nkuringo Green Hill Hospital.

Outreach programme

One of the Singing Gorilla Projects sponsored medical students provided a demonstration to the Rubuguri HIV/AIDS self help group on how to use condoms. The condoms were supplied by Singing Gorilla Projects. Below Issac is demonstrating how to use condoms using a corn husk. Blankets were all given out, knitted by Janet Millar of Bognor Regis in the UK.


Drop me a line if you would like to help... contact me


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