The Nkuringo Green Hill Hospital - "Own for sustainability"


December 2016

The (Nkuringo Green Hill Hospital) NGHH opened for services on Tuesday 13th December. The clinic saw 17 patients. There were:

1. Two Malaria tests - one was negative and the other positive
2. Pregnancy test - which turned out positive
3. HIV test - which turned out negative
4. Three Respiratory tract infections - these were all children

Singing Gorilla Projects is now ready to hand over the hospital to the new owners. SGP, will continue to fund the development of the clinic and the payroll. The new owners are Uganda Catholic Medical Board (UCMB). The clinic has now been registered at the Ministry of Health, by the District Health Officer (DHO).

To help run the clinic the there is a board of directors run by SGP. The DHO is on the board as well as the new management of the clinic.

The centre was formally opened with a ceremony earlier in December. The ceremony was a major affair with politicians and dignitaries from the area attending and contributing. After what seemed a couple of hours of speeches, extolling the virtues of the clinic, the ribbon was cut on the door by the Resident District Commissioner (RDC).

Follow the links for video of the event
The opening of the NGHH
Walking through NGHH after the opening ceremony.
Chris Read's speach at the opening of the NGHH

Services offered
The Nkuringo Green Hill Hospital is what is termed in the Uganda Ministry of Health a Type III Health Clinic. This means we can offer GP services, some minor surgeries, and support antenatal and postnatal services. Whilst we will have access to midwifery services, we won’t have a maternity ward until 2018. Much of the diagnosis is expected to revolve around respiratory, gynaecological, and child care. We will also see a share of malaria patients as well as HIV patients.

The building
Equipment has been shipped over from the UK, such as inspection beds, desks and furniture. The building has now been fitted with solar power, plumbing, lighting and a fridge. The centre has a reception area, a dispensing area, a laboratory, two treatment rooms and an office.

New developments
Further developments for 2017 will be the construction of an admissions block to admit patients for overnight stays. It will have three wards for males, females and children respectively together with a separate latrine and shower block. The key area for funding in 2017 will be to first build the latrine and shower block followed by the wards.

The question of water and the water pipe project
The area suffers with no natural water supply close by to the village. All water either has to be gathered by hand from distant water sources or to be captured via water harvesting from the hospital roof. To this end, Singing Gorilla Projects are commissioning a study to pump water up the 400 metre or so from the river at the valley bottom. This is a fascinating project, for anyone who has been to the area, you will know the physical and social challenges in trying to achieve this. The plan is to use staging 3,000 litre water tanks as reservoirs up the hill with localised water pumps run from diesel generators at each staging tanks to push the water up the hill. I am interested in talking to anyone experienced with irrigation and engineering projects involving water pumping.

The hospital staff
The service is to be staffed with a Clinical Medical Officer, a Comprehensive Medical Nurse, an assistant nurse, a porter and a security guard. The salaries are to be funded by Singing Gorilla Projects. With the help of the government we may be able to get some support for this cost.

The organisation
The owners of the NGHH are Uganda Catholic Medical Board (UCMB). The clinic has now been registered at the Ministry of Health, by the District Health Officer (DHO) as a Type III clinic.
There are three organisational entities or partners and a board of directors that run the service:
1. The Hospital Management Group are the partner responsible for the day to day running of the facility and will report to a board of directors to be made up of members of all parties.
2. The hospital has been built on land owned by the Catholic Church who have given us a long term lease on the land. They are the second partner.
3. Singing Gorilla Projects is the third partner responsible for providing funds. Singing Gorilla Projects has committed to fund the project for five years to a level of 100% tapering down to zero % after ten years.

There will be opportunities for volunteers with medical back grounds to spend some time in Nkuringo, teaching the staff and helping the community. Singing Gorilla Projects is building a house in which volunteers can be housed, watered and fed. This will be ready by spring 2017.
What do we need?
We need expertise. I am interested in speaking to anyone who has:-
• Experience in health centre management.
• Clinical expertise in GP and minor surgery entities.
• Willingness to help.