December 2016
Health Centre open - Nkuringo Green Hill Hospital (NGHH)

The Nkuringo Green Hill Hopistal (NGHH) built by Singing Gorilla Projects was inaugurated with a grand opening ceremony on the 9h December. Local dignitaries have been invited with the grand opening being performed by the Resident District Commissioner (RDC) for the Kisoro District. The RDC reports directly to the President of Uganda, Yoweri Museveni. Singing Gorilla Projects is keen to get the government involved in the health projects its undertaking to help support the provision of resources, access to drugs and professionals. For more on the NGHH.

November 2016
Health Centre Newsletter

Autumn 2016
Autumn 2016 Newsletter

After the arrival of the container the October trip is covered in the Autumn Newsletter.

September 2016 -  The water tank story.

August 2016 -  The container leaves from Havant in the UK with donations of hospital beds, medical equipment, books, clothes, water filters, sewing machines, guitars and whole load of other items. The container is being shipped to Nkuringo via Mombassa in Kenya and then onwards to Uganda.

July 2016 -  A container is ordered to leave from the UK with donations of hospital beds, medical equipment, books, clothes, water filters, sewing machines, guitars and whole load of other items. The container is being shipped to Nkuringo.

June 2016
Summer 2016 Newsletter

May 2016 -  The water tanks and health centre trip

The rainy season is now coming to an end and the water tanks are full. The long dry season will be a test of the resolve of the community to ration the water remaining in the tanks. Truth be told, we are all trying to observe the best utilisation of water from the tanks to assess what pattern of usage manages to sustain the water for the longest period of time.
I  return to Nkuringo on Sunday to install a further three tanks in the remote village areas on the DR Congo border. Thankfully Singing Gorilla Projects has a motor bike so I should be in and out in a day for each installation. Mind you, staying overnight in the villages is an experience in itself. The nights are dark, there is no light pollution, other than the orange glow from Niragongo the extremely active volcano just 30 km away over the DR Congo border.
The key task to work on this trip is to check the progress on the health centre construction. I shall be working with the team in the village to assemble a management team to provide administration and management oversight for the service, which is expected to start before Christmas. The building is still to be equipped with solar panels, cabling and a wash room before it is truly finished. I suspect there will be a bunch of snagging to be looked at as well.
Over the next few months we shall be organising a container to be shipped from the UK to take the growing number of donations as well as medical furniture and equipment to kit out the clinic. If you know of your local hospital or health centre that is throwing out equipment, please drop me a line on, to see if we can “rescue” it to have a second home in Nkuringo.

March 2016 -  Evarist in the UK

Muhumuza Evarist, the Singing Gorilla Projects, projects coordinator from Uganda is visiting Singing Gorilla Projects in the UK. Helping to raise funds at a gala dinner in his honour, Evarist has visited schools to talk about Singing Gorilla Projects and met bsueinss people to raise awareness of the project work.

March 2016 -  Shopping List

February 2016 - February 2016 Newsletter

February 2016 - The February 2016 visit, more water tanks, water filters, condoms, music and the Ntungamo School! click here.

December 2015 - University of Warwich students raise money for Singing Gorilla Projects. Have a look at their video raising money on the Singing Gorilla Projects Justgiving page

 November 2015 - Singing Gorilla Projects becomes a registered charity:

Registered charity in England and Wales (1164315)
A company limited by guarantee, registered in England and Wales company number 2400969
Registered Office 1 Riversdale Gardens, Havant, PO92JB UK, +44 7968 582327

November 2015 - Building the Health Centre - Nkuringo Green Hill Hospital  

November 2015Winter 2015 - 2016 Newsletter

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October 2015 -  Donate online - JustGiving 

September 2015 -  Indigofest fund raising concert in Horsham a great success - have a look at our YouTube video

September 2015 -  Wine tasting at Dunstan Thomas in Gunwharf Quays Portsmouth. - 25th September. Drop me a line, if you would like to come.... contact me


Summer 2015 -  The Ntungamo School - For less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day you can support a child, a school and a community.

The children of Ntungamo
- Click here


The Ntungamo School Brochure

 - Click here

Summer 2015 -  The late summer 2015 Newsletter - 4. July - October 2015.

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September 2015 -  The Indigofest - a fund raiser for Singing Gorilla Projects  - click here.

July 2015 -  Support the Ntungamo School - support a child, a school and a communtiy. click here.

July 2015 -  The July Visit, more water tanks, music and the Ntungamo School click here.

June 2015 -  Karen Read and Luisa Partridge join Singing Gorilla Projects to run the Step to Health initiative and Light To Read initiative respectively.

June 2015 -  The Summer 2015 flier - click here.

Summer 2015 -  The Summer 2015 Newsletter - click here.
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May 2015 -  The May Visit, water tanks, cricket and a whole host of other project work - click here.

May 2015 -  A glokenspiel donated by Jane Roberson and a xylaphone making their way over to Nkuringo in May.

April 2015 -  Laptops donated by our corporate sponsor, Dunstan Thomas Group. The laptops are for the computer lab at the Bright Future School in Nkuringo - click here.

April 2015 -  Computer lab taking shape at Bright Future School - click here to see how it is progressing and what is needed.

April - July 2015Light To Read Project Shopping List for July 2015  - click here

April - July 2015Music School Shopping List for July 2015  - click here

May 2015 - Two boys, Patrick and Anatoli are to be enrolled in Bright Future School in May. Patrick wants to be an engineer and Anatoli was to be the President of Uganda! Term ends on April 17th and the new term starts on May 10th. To sponsor a child costs about £35 a term, plus expenses. The first term is more expensive, since the boys have to purchase school uniform, stationary and a mattress! They tend to mostly board at school.

April 2015 - Florence on a Tailoring and Fashion Design at the newly opened Bwindi Community Skills Development Institite  - click here

April 2015 - Posters for download - click here

March 2015 - The Singing Gorilla Projects office opens for business as a centre for co-ordination and management of the projects as well as an information centre for locals and tourists. Evarist will be running the office that also will double up as a community library.

March 2015 - Water Wealth Driving Health Project, sees two water tanks installed  - click here

March 2015 - In the Step up Up To Health project, the boys are progressing well in their respective medical courses - click here

March 2015 - Music school has just opened for business again - click here

March 2015 - The girls at Bright Future School, sponsored by Singing Gorilla - click here
Here are the girls, Anah, Perigious, Amari and Catherine with Chris Read.

A video of cooking lunch at school

March 2015 - Laptops donated by Dunstan Thomas, for medical students on the Step Up To Health project. Chris Read receives laptops from Dunstan Thomas's Operations Manager, Rowland Adams, at the Dunstan Thomas office in Gunwharf Quays, Portsmouth.

March 2015 - Trip to do some initial testing of the solar technology for the Light To Read project. During this trip, we will also assess the feasibility of low powered solar energy as part of the Light To Read project for communities that cannot be connected to the electricity grid. The vision for providing solar energy is that by providing light after dark, school children can continue their studies and do homework in a more conducive environment.

The research and development that Singing Gorilla is currently undertaking is to develop components and kits of solar technology that can be assembled in the community so that it is more supportable locally.

We are installing a further two water tanks as part of our Water Wealth Driving Health project, thanks to sponsorship from Dunstan Thomas our UK corporate partner. This time we shall be moving out of the Nkuringo village area and moving down into the valleys to more remote communities.

When we are done with the installation we will do a clothes distribution as well.

The Music School is also going to get a big delivery of instruments. Photos to follow.

February 2015 - Newsletter  - click here

February 2015 - Vistage video case study   - click here

February 2015 - Four girls, Mandy, Amiri, Catherine and Annah have been sponsored, by members of staff and friends of Dunstan Thomas to attend the Nkuringo Bright Future Pre and Primary School. Enrollment for the start of term was in February. We wish them all the very best and hope they study hard!


January 2015 - YouTube channel of videos of Music School, water tank installations and other events on the trips.

 January 2015 - Nkuringo Soundcloud - church choir mixed in with Chris Read's electronic doodlings.

January 2015 - Visit to Potters Village orphanage  - click here

January 2015 - Musical instruments that are needed  - click here

January 2015 - To install a further three water tanks as part of the water tank project.

For only £650 per tank, we can ship a tank from Kampala all the way to Nkuringo (12 hours by road). We can purchase the bricks and mortar. We contract workman to help us install it. All of this can be done and can provide an enormous benefit to the community.

A single 3000 litre tank can be filled with rain water that is channelled from roof tops and can provide water for 100 people for a week.

These projects have been transformational for the community. It's the job of the children to fetch the water. A three hour round trip to the stream in the valley, twice a day has now been replaced, with more time spent at school.

For more news on the January 2015 - click here

Autumn - Winter 2014/2015 - To sponsor Thadeus, a bright 18 year old lad, through nursing college and to sponsor Isaac through medical school in Kampala. Thadeus and Isaac are being supported so that when they are finished through their studies and qualifies, we be able to set up and staff a medical clinic in the village, in which the provision of care is free at the point of delivery. This clinic will also form the focal point for visiting medics to provide help and support to Thadeus, Isaac and the community.... contact me

Thadeus with his parents at the Nkuringo Gorilla Camp

Thadeus at the Medical Institute in Kabale after meeting with the Principal and the Bursar

September 2014 - Three more tanks are installed in the Nkuringo area. This time they are installed outside of the village further along the ridge and down the hill. The tanks have been installed against community houses where crops are stored. This means that houses in the area can use the water communally.

September 2014 - Florence and Evelyn posing with Robert and Denise Shaw. Both girls are being funded to stay at school, St Gertrude's in Kisoro, to finish off their O-Levels. I am very keen for children especially girls to stay at school for as long as possible, to pick up certifications to provide them options in their lives in the future.

September 2014 - During our trip we also distributed donated clothes to mothers and kids at the Gorilla Camp. Here is Robert Shaw fitting clothes to a youngster.

September 2014 - Another visit, to check up on how Tim is getting on with the music school.
We also put in another 3 water tanks outside the village area this time, to service some of the smaller communities in more remote parts of the valley and ridge.
Two local girls are also being sponsored to stay in school to finish off their O-Levels. ... contact me

The Music school students posing for a picture. There is another shipment of musical instruments arriving in September. These include a guitar, keyboard, a melodia, more harmonicas and ukeleles as well as two violins, a glockenspiel and some percussion instruments.

June 2014 - I am organising a further three water tanks to be installed in the Nkuringo (Uganda) community area (this time a bit further down the ridge and in some less accessible places). I am getting these ready for installation in mid-September. Last month we installed three water tanks in the village. The rains have now come and these are filling up nicely before the dry season returns in July. These water tanks provide water for 600 people. Before the tanks, the community had to hike down the hill side (a big hill) to collect water from the stream and then a big climb back up.... contact me

May 2014 - I visit Nkuringo, with six other members of Vistage, an organisation that brings together business leaders that help to make a difference. I will be delivering the musical instruments to the school as well as case loads of clothes and books! Drop me a line if you would like to help... contact me

The Vistage team have helped fund three water tanks. Each water tank costs $800 and can service 200 persons. The village has 600 people.

As this village is perched on the mountain top, the only way to get water is to collect it from the stream. The stream just so happens to be 700 metre in the valley below the village.

So just picture standing on top of a high cliff here in the UK, say in the Isle of Wight or around Dover.

The height of those cliffs are no more than 160 metres.

Just imagine the need to clamber down steep valleys four times the height of Beachy Head to collect something as basic as water.

Drop me a line if you would like to help... contact me

Update - Dan Hook MD of ASV, stands besides the water tank he sponsored. Dan also mixed the concrete, whilst the rest of the Vistage team helped in the preparations. The water tanks are to be fed by rain water from run off from roofs.

v May 17 2014 - Niel Wilkie from Vistage, is organising t-shirts for the school (and us) - view t-shirt

Update - T-shirts modelled by the kids at school.

May 14 2014 - Selina, from Cheeky Rascals is in the local news on her impending trip to Nkuringo with other members of Vistage- view clipping

April - May 2014 - I am collecting musical instruments suitable for children. I am looking for recorders, ukuleles, half size and three quarter size violins. Can you have look in your loft or your garage to see if you have any aging instruments no longer in use that could do with a new home. Drop me a line if you would like to help... contact me

Update - I have found a music teacher (Tim alias MC Kiga (pronounced chiga) - // ) to work with schools around the area and the community itself. Tim has studied music at university in Uganda.

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