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March 2017

The construction of the classrooms are starting to take shape.

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The Pledge - Your contribution is matched 100%!

Our goal is to raise this $8,000 (£6,500) before March 31, so that construction can begin.

Kevin and Dawn Smith of Chicago have pledged a 100% MATCH FOR EVERY CONTRIBUTION, up to a total of $4,000 (£3,250). This match is DOLLAR-for-DOLLAR (POUND-for-POUND). With this matching, your contribution has twice the impact! So let's dig deep, and see what we can do for the kids at Suma, Uganda! $4,000 from you will result in $8,000 raised and enough to build the classrooms and latrines!

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The School

Suma is a community of about 6,000 people in one of the remotest parts of Uganda. Located in the far south west of the country it is an area of indescribable beauty, bordering the DR Congo, hemmed in by the Virunga Volcanos and the mighty Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, the remaining habitat of the endangered Mountain Gorilla. There are no roads, there is no running water in homes, and no electricity available.

They are as off-grid as you can get. There are no paid jobs and life is tough, people survive on subsistence farming and tending livestock. Cooking is done by burning wood, which is harvested from the forests. In Suma, there is a primary school that is in desperate need of support. Singing Gorilla Projects are looking to fund a new classroom block, latrines and a kitchen.

The classroom at Suma


With nearly 400 children in the school, 7 classrooms and with nearly 60 children in each class. The intake is likely to increase year on year so by building two further classrooms we will be able to have smaller class sizes as well as keep track of new children enrolling in the school.

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