The Nkuringo Green Hill Hospital - "Own for sustainability"

Singing Gorilla Projects was setup to develop community projects in Uganda.

November 2015

The development of the health facility in Nkuringo is a central feature of Singing Gorilla Projects work. Without a health services close by, the growing community of Nkuringo have badly needed a health facilty. The clinic is called The Nkuringo Green Hill Hospital. It will provide preventive care, promotive and aoutpatient curative health services, outreach care and emergency maternity deliveries. In Uganda Ministry of Health classifications, it is set as a Health Centre Level II.

The goal for the project is to ”provide an inclusive health service that is sutainable to vulnerable communities of the Nkuringo area that are adversely affected by rough terrain and great distances from other health facilities”. These are the key objectives:

  1. To promote healthy lifestyles and health service amongst the Nkuringo communities.
  2. To provide knowledge to enhance understanding and treatement of disease.
  3. To encourage participation of both national and international development agencies.
  4. To encourage ownership of the service amongst the Nkuringo communities for its long term sustainability.
  5. To develop funding from a number of sources including fund raising, subscriptions, life insurances schemes and support from the government.







The Stepping Up to Health Committee, from left to right, Kagara Francis (Education), Muhamza Everist (Singing Gorilla Projects Coordinator) Bagorogoza Christopher (Finance), Fr. John Nsengiyumva (Parish Priest), Fr Habarurema, Iyamuremye Joseph.