Dunstan Thomas’ new product Imago Automation first release is completed.

28 Oct 2019

Dunstan Thomas, provider of technology solutions for wealth managers, platforms and providers, launches Imago Automation. Imago Automation reduces costs and increases efficiencies by streamlining business processes that require data handling from one or more sources, computational and reporting activity.

As a real world example, Imago Automation is being used in the production of annual benefits statements and SMPI’s. Imago Automation has received enthusiastic feedback in the market from clients and prospective users.
Andrew Martin, Chief Innovation Officer at Dunstan Thomas;
“Imago Automation addresses a very real need within financial services product providers. Customer and asset data is inevitably held in multiple locations and in multiple formats. The production of annual statements, regulatory disclosure and an increasing number of other customer communications shouldn’t involve spinning up a project team every year. Imago Administration allows a user to map the data and automate the production of outputs with minimal effort. The use cases are many and I believe the system will quickly become an essential element of many technology stacks.”
Imago Automation has six key functions:

  • The Loader Function allows the user to upload data files using an engaging web UI. Support for multiple data sources, structures and formats means the work of aggregating data is done automatically by Imago Automation.
  • The Mapper Function uses pre-configured mappings to translate incoming data into Imago Automation.
  • The Runner Function performs calculations across the data set using an embedded version of Imago Illustrations.
  • The Reporter Function delivers to results using an embedded report writer.
  • The Distributor Function delivers the results to a selection of distribution methods.
  • The Analyser Function interacts with the data providing an array of insights into the process and output data.

Imago Automation is hosted and configured by Dunstan Thomas on behalf of the client.
For more on Imago Automation, download the information sheet here.