Dunstan Thomas sign up for The Mental Health At Work Commitment

12 Mar 2021

Mental Health At the present time, the need to support mental health in the workplace is even more crucial than ever. Research from Mental Health At Work indicates that around 39% of employees in the last year, have experienced poor mental health where work was a contributing factor and 51% feel comfortable enough to discuss mental health issues in the workplace.

At Dunstan Thomas, our values reflect our behaviour and provide guidance where there is uncertainty. In order to support and aid staff as best as possible, Dunstan Thomas have signed up for the Mental Health At Work Commitment.

The Mental Health at Work Commitment is a simple framework that is based on the Thriving at Work standards, using the latest research from UK employers and mental health experts. This commitment provides a set of actions that an organisation can use to support and ensure better outcomes for employees.

The six standards of the Mental Health at Work Commitment are:

  1. To prioritise mental health in the workplace by developing and delivering a systematic programme of activity.
  2. To proactively ensure work design and organisation culture drive positive mental health outcomes.
  3. To promote an open culture around mental health.
  4. To increase organisation confidence and capability.
  5. To provide mental health tools and support.
  6. To increase transparency and accountability through internal and external reporting.
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