Introducing the ICX ‘Neo’ Skin

23 Mar 2021

Here at Dunstan Thomas, we are always looking for ways to improve our products. One clear way to achieve this is by making substantial changes to branding and styling, giving the product a fresh, modern edge. Consequently, we have just released our new Neo skin, which radically changes the look of Integro CX, bringing a new, refreshed look to the product.

The new skin is based on Neumorphism (or Neo-skeuomorphism), a fairly new design concept in web/digital design, which enhances the user experience by lifting recognisable components to stand out on a screen, without the full ‘real-world’ impression that skeuomorphism created. Neumorphism uses a combination of subtle gradients, drop shadows and repeated patterns for components, which gives a soft three-dimensional feel to the ICX.

In the words of our very own Head of Frontend Engineering Gavin Jackson: “I’ve been an admirer of Neumorphism for a while now and think it’s the perfect fit for ICX. The subtle gradients, shadows and highlights give ICX a nice but understated depth, keeping the user focused on the important details while nicely framing it in a more modern, slicker feeling application.

“We have added some subtle animations and mobile only touches which elevates the experience even further. White labelling is possible by simply changing the logo and accent colour, which has a dramatic effect, plus there’s dark mode! All of this is possible because of our `base` branding architecture. Completely bespoke skins are still possible, but it’s good to have more options.”

All of the ICX components have had the ‘Neo’ touch applied to enable the skin to be used by any brand using the ICX framework. ‘Neo’ incorporates the colours and associated colour palette of the logo to highlight key components within the pages. We at Dunstan Thomas are delighted with the end result.

This is not the end of the story however, as we have our sights on another web design pattern, Minimalism. We are in the early stages of investigating whether this would be a good fit for yet another ICX skin in 2021. Watch this space!

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