Exploring the power of AI to provide more accurate ESG ratings

12 Mar 2021

Adrian Boulding and Dr Daniel Philps look at how artificial intelligence will make it easier for investors to understand the ESG performance of their investee companies.

ESG ratings agencies have moved from providing blacklists of stocks to avoid and have become new systems which rely more on the power of artificial intelligence (AI), supported by rich data sets which are analysed by data scientists’ algorithms. This technology is vital to step beyond blunt ESG indexing approach and move in the direction of a much more dynamic, tailorable approach which aligns pension scheme investments with investors’ primary ESG concerns.

The second Dunstan Thomas webinar "ESG Ratings: Keeping One Step Ahead of the Greenwashers", will explore how the world of ESG ratings is evolving rapidly to better meet the needs of institutional and retail investors alike. The webinar, held at 12pm on Wednesday 24th March, will feature sessions from Dr Daniel Philps, Daniel Bland and Adrian Boulding.

Watch the Webinar here

By Adrian Boulding, Director of Retirement Strategy at Dunstan Thomas
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Adrian Boulding
Director of Retirement Strategy at Dunstan Thomas