Adrian Boulding covers a wide variety of topics in third series of Dunstan Thomas vlogs.

16 Mar 2020

In the third series of vlogs from Dunstan Thomas, Adrian Boulding covers a wide range of topics – from decumulation, to Generation X and vulnerable customers. If you wish to watch the first two series – they are available via the Dunstan Thomas videos page, or through DunstanThomasTV.

In February, the new nationwide study, commissioned by Dunstan Thomas, found that Generation X are under saving for retirement. To counteract this, Gen Xers are planning to either save more, or to work for longer. Watch Adrian Boulding’ video, the first in the new series of vlogs, on DunstanThomasTV here:

In the second video, Adrian Boulding, Director of Retirement Strategy at Dunstan Thomas, discusses the importance of treating vulnerable customers fairly. The main causes are health, life events, a lack of resilience, and a low capability. For more detail, watch here:

The third vlog focuses on slow and steady decumulation. Dunstan Thomas has run the numbers on a high rate taxpayer saving more in a gross tax environment over a 10 year period and those in dripfeed drawdown should be 30% better off than those not. Watch the video here:

The fourth vlog, to be published on 6th April, will focus on value for money on pension schemes. Adrian Boulding at Dunstan Thomas explains that calculating whether your pension scheme provider is offering you Value for Money can be assessed by the impact of charges looking backwards or forwards…

Lastly, Adrian Boulding considers 2 key adviser fee models and examines which is better suited to decumulating customers. Make sure to watch when this video is published on 13th April.

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