'The Coming of Age of Automated Advice' webinar is a huge success

22 Feb 2021

On Thursday 18th February, Dunstan Thomas held our first webinar, titled ‘The Coming of Age of Automated Advice’. The event featured a presentation from Pete Connell, Chief Development Officer at Wealth Wizards who explored the possibilities of Automated Advice, now that it has finally come of age.

Following this, Adrian Boulding , Director of Retirement Strategy at Dunstan Thomas, provided a timely presentation on what a smart Investment Pathways service might look like.

Watch the webinar here:

On 24th March at 12:00pm, Dunstan Thomas will hold another webinar, this time covering the hot topic of ESG. This will feature a presentation from Dr Daniel Philps, Head of Rothko Investment Strategies and architect of a new AI-driven ESG measurement offering called Gaia Lens, to talk to us about the potential power of big data and Artificial Intelligence to cut through the white noise of data and reports to check and verify that the ESG information.

We will also ask the Head of Responsible Investment at specialist IFA EQ Investors Daniel Bland, to speak about how they’ve been helping clients to align their portfolios with their own, quite personal ESG profiles

Join the webinar here