What ESG data must corporates get ready to provide to meet investors’ own reporting requirements?

10 Jan 2022

Shifting Sands of ESG Disclosure

What does the session cover?

A great deal of progress was made regarding ESG Disclosure in 2021 on this side of the Atlantic. Most of that progress was perhaps naturally linked to regulation setting standards for tracking public companies’ paths towards meeting Net Zero targets and other environmental sustainability goals.

ESG index providers, asset owners and asset managers alike are struggling to gather a good many of the data points they need for ESG assessment of public companies. Companies themselves are scrambling to gather the necessary data and report consistently and in a way in which their results can be compared to their peers. Benchmarking, or lack of it, has become a major concern that will only grow in 2022.

Furthermore, there is a creeping concern that 2021’s obsession with setting organizations on a path to Net Zero, has meant that the S and the G of ESG appear to be already revealing the largest gaps in terms of data availability. Or to put it another way: how do we deliver a just economy as well as a greener one?

How do companies gather the necessary ESG data, measure and compare it accurately with peer group averages, and then report on it at EU and national regulator-level and what is all this likely to mean for fund, portfolio, and stock selections in 2022?

When is the session?

This webinar will take place on Thursday 27th January 2022, between 12-1pm. To sign up, click 'Save my spot!' on the right hand side of the screen.

Who are the presenters?

  • Manjit Jus, Managing Director, Global Head of ESG Research & Data at S&P Global.
  • Adrian Boulding, Director of Retirement Strategy at Dunstan Thomas
  • Graham Precey, ESG Consultant
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